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General Terms & Conditions

The rent of an accommodation or a camping pitch implies that the tenant respects the general booking conditions and that he approves unreserved all the internal rules.

Each family must be registered through a booking form, of which the options are not transferrable. This rental is valid as a "temporary" rental.

The rates or information published in this brochure are subject to printing errors or omissions (texts and photos are not binding). Only the prices on your invoice are contractual.
The prices mentioned in this brochure are indicated in Euros, including VAT (following the valid rate on 01/12/2016). The price agreed upon reservation includes VAT. The contract price is subject to changes in the legal and regulatory limits, "in case of changes in the applicable tax rate between the moment of booking and the date of payment of the balance."

Prices of bookings confirmed prior to this date, will remain unchanged. (The price of the tourist tax, fixed by the towns, may change in 2017. The applicable price will be the one in effect at the dates of the stay).

The Sandaya campsites refuse the access to families who exceed the number of persons allowed per rental accommodation (babies and children included). Not accompanied minors by their parents will not be accepted within the Sandaya campsites.
Group Bookings: When a natural person or a legal person book more than 3 accommodations or pitches on the same date of the stay is considered as a group. Accommodations pitches proposed on the Sandaya website are addressed exclusively to individual customers. All group booking requests must be sent by email to vacances@sandaya.fr.

After receipt of the tenant's down payment, he will receive a booking confirmation. In case of specific requests, we will announce a pitch number, taking into account the tenant's preferences (additional charge of €32) and the lessee's availabilities, and for which the lessee will do his outmost. Should this request not be met, this additional charge will be refunded.

The down payment (30% of the total amount of the stay), and the optional cancellation insurance, must be sent along with the booking form. These amounts will be deducted from the total amount of the stay. Bookings made within 30 days from the date of arrival must be accompanied by their full payment.

CANCELLATION POLICY : All cancellations must be made in writing and addressed to the campsite by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. The delays are calculated at the date this letter is received. In all cases of cancellation, the costs of the cancellation option, for those who have contracted them, will be held.

Cancellation guaranty: Subject to respect of the contractual obligations, this insurance will cover the incurred cost of the tenant's stay in case of cancellation (after deduction of the cancellation fees) for the following reasons: decease, severe physical accident of the tenant or his partner, children, parents, brothers and sisters; Professionnal dismissal of the tenant or his partner; Relocation for reason of a profesionnal transfer; Damage of the tenant's main residence caused by fire, floods, burglary or vandalism, storms or natural disasters; (or if the tenant's minor child has to resit examinations, as part of school or university studies).
The insurance has to be paid in full and exclusively upon booking :

To be accepted, the cancellation must be notified by registered post with acknowledgement of receipt at the latest three days after the incident, along with clear and indisputable documents that proove the reason of cancellation. 
All paid amounts will be refunded, except for the costs for the cancellation insurance.

The balance of the stay must be paid at the latest 30 days prior to the arrival date. Its absence may result in cancellation of the booking.


For all arrivals that do not correspond with the registrations in the booking form, the access to the campsite can be refused and the stay can be cancelled: in this case, the payment of the stay will be held by the campsite, as well as the cost for the cancellation insurance.

When you haven't arrived 24 hours after the planned arrival date, the booking will be considered as being cancelled. SANDAYA will then keep the down payment and the balance of the stay.

Each camper must respect the internal rules displayed at the campsite entrance. He/She is legally responsible for disturbance caused by the other booking party members. Not respecting the internal rules can lead to the client's expulsion of the campsite. Noise: Absolute silence as from 11 pm. (except CYPSELA - midnight). Two warnings for noise will lead to the client's expulsion of the campsite. In case of complaints or violence, you will be asked to leave the campsite immediately. Cars are not allowed after 10 pm (midnight during the high season). It is prohibited to drive around on site between 10 pm and 7 am (between midnight and 7 am during the high season). 

In case you leave before the end of your stay, there will be no refunds.

Ther will be no refunds or compensations in case of temporary or seasonal closing of one or more facilities due to technical problems, weather circumstances, administrative or legal events

All Cottages and Mobile Homes have the necessary dishes and bed linen (except for sheets and towels). The inventory will be handed to you upon arrival. Upon arrival, the tenant needs to check the inventory and notify any faults the same day. All remarks regarding the cleaning or the general state of the rental accommodation must be notified at the latest 24 hours after your arrival, for us to act immediately. Complaints will not be taken into consideration after more than 24 hours after your arrival.

The tenant is responsible for cleaning the Cottage or the Mobile Home. At the end of the stay, the Cottage or Mobile Home must be left completely clean. Should these conditions not be filled, a cleaning fee of €65 will be charged on the guarantee deposit.

Cleanliness: All pitches must be kept clean and tidy. It is prohibited to leave rubbish outside the containers. Two warnings for a pitch not kept clean and tidy will lead to expulsion from the campsite.

It is up to the camper to take out insurance; the campsite will not take any responsibilities in case of theft, fire, bad weather...and in case of accidents for which the camper is liable.

Pets are accepted on our campsites (except for Soustons Village and Cypsela Resort), and subject to an additional charge. It must be kept on a lead and must be vaccinated against rabies (up to date vaccination booklet). Guests are asked to walk their pets outside the campsite for their needs, and in case of droppings on site, guests are asked to clean them and throw them in the bins on site. It is prohibited to leave a pet on its own on a camping pitch, whether it is on a lead, in a car or in a rental accommodation. Dogs that are considered as being dangerous by the law (categories 1 & 2) are not accepted on the campsite.

In case of a dispute and after having contacted the customer service department, customers can make use of an ombudsman, within a maximum delay of one year, counting from the date of the written claim by registered letter adressed to Sandaya.

The contact details of the ombudsman who may be contacted by the customer:


Unresolved disputes will be referred to the local competent jurisdiction.

For rental accommodations, a warranty deposit of €300 is asked upon arrival; this will be handed back upon departure, at the latest 5 days after the final check-up and after deduction of amounts paid for established damage and/or missing objects.
For camping pitches (pitches equipped with private individual toilet blocks), a warranty deposit of €100 per pitch is asked upon arrival. This amount will be handed back to the tenant  at the reception on departure.


As part of the internal and external communication (TV, press, magazines, website, social media like Facebook and Instagram, brochures, welcome booklet…) our teams will be taking regular video and photo shoots on our campsites.

On the campsites, information will be displayed at the reception regarding date, place and setting of the shoot (for eg.: video recording of the pool evening on Tuesday 11/07 at the pool area and bar, for the news fl ow of the campsite Facebook page).

You do not wish to appear in this media, even from far, it is your right. We ask you not to be present at the time and place of the shoot, mentionned at the reception. Should you wish to be closely filmed or photographed, our staff will provide you with a form to authorise Sandaya to use your image for free ; Please fill and sign this form and hand it to the reception.

If you are explicitly present as a figurant at the time and place of shooting, despite previous information, fully aware of the fact that you are filmed or photographed, Sandaya will consider this as your automatic approval. This counts for filming, photo shoots and the use of your image in the previously listed cases.