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Health and hygiene measures: your safety above all

As lockdown is eased and the reopening of our campsites moves closer, the safety and health of our customers and our employees remain the number 1 priority for Sandaya. The group wishes to maintain the confidence of its customers regarding the high quality of the hygiene and health measures assured at its campsites.

To do so, the Sandaya group has called on DEKRA, an independent third party, to accompany it in establishing a health protocol and to assess its good implementation. The aim after audit is to obtain a certification based on this reference framework as “A trustworthy establishment for campsite health & safety management”.

This reference framework is based on the charter and the existing regulations, the new government requirements in terms of distancing and behaviours, and all best practices, procedures and methodologies issued by the relevant authorities (Government ministries, health and safety organisations, the HPA campsite federation, CARE+, catering associations, etc.). It goes without saying that this reference framework fully respects the COVID-19 health guide drawn up jointly by the French national campsite federation (FNHPA) and the French government.

Already very present in the camping sector with a thorough knowledge of its organisations and procedures, DEKRA has also offered Sandaya its experience and expertise as a certification body for the preparation of this reference framework.

As regards its customers, Sandaya has made the following 10 commitments:

1. To respect the recommendations of the health authorities concerning the COVID-19.

2. To communicate about the preventive measures to be implemented concerning the risk of transmission of the COVID-19.

3. To train its staff concerning the barrier gestures and the health protocol, and to put protective equipment at their disposal.

4. To put signs and markings in place to encourage 1.50m social distancing in the reception areas.

5. To offer hydroalcoholic gel to customers and to personnel in the common areas.

6. To enhance the cleaning and disinfecting of accommodation and of common areas using cleaning-disinfecting products and to ensure that a mobile home is aired before the accommodation is made available again.

7. To streamline procedures for arrivals with the “fast check-in”.

8. To establish and apply enhanced access and health safety instructions specific to the recreational areas (swimming pools and children’s play areas) in accordance with the health authorities’ recommendations.

9. To deploy the health control plan in all the restaurant areas as recommended by the health authorities.

10. To apply the risk management protocol in the event that a customer or an employee is suspected of being infected with the COVID-19, in line with the health authorities’ recommendations.

The fields covered by this reference framework are:

  • All the activities carried out at the campsites (accommodation, reception, cleaning, food services, entertainment, etc.).
  • An analysis of the flows and traffic, the areas and the protocols that cover organisation, people and equipment.
  • Communication with customers, employees, sub-contractors, participants and suppliers.
  • The maintenance of procedures over the long term, the emergence of a new health culture.

Each campsite in the Sandaya group will be subjected to an initial assessment to ensure that this reference framework has been correctly and fully implemented.

Following this intervention, a DEKRA report will be drawn up and a certificate of conformity delivered in the form of a seal of approval based on the reference framework: “A trustworthy establishment for campsite health & safety management”.