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Health and hygiene measures: your safety above all

In this unprecedented health context, the safety and health of our customers and our employees remain the number 1 priority for Sandaya. The group wishes to maintain the confidence of its customers regarding the high quality of the hygiene and health measures assured at its campsites.

To do so, the Sandaya group has called on DEKRA, an independent third party, to accompany it in establishing a health protocol and to assess its good implementation. Following appropriate audits and based on this reference framework, all our campsites were awarded the certification “A trustworthy establishment for campsite health & safety management”.

This reference framework is based on the charter and the existing regulations, the new government requirements in terms of distancing and behaviours, and all best practices, procedures and methodologies issued by the relevant authorities (Government ministries, health and safety organisations, the HPA campsite federation, CARE+, catering associations, etc.). It goes without saying that this reference framework fully respects the COVID-19 health guide drawn up jointly by the French national campsite federation (FNHPA) and the French government.

Already very present in the camping sector with a thorough knowledge of its organisations and procedures, DEKRA has also offered Sandaya its experience and expertise as a certification body for the preparation of this reference framework.

Sandaya also undertakes to respect the recommendations set out in the campsite sector’s health protocol.

As regards its customers, Sandaya has made the following 10 commitments:

1. To respect the recommendations of the health authorities concerning the COVID-19.

2. To communicate about the preventive measures to be implemented concerning the risk of transmission of the COVID-19.

3. To train its staff concerning the barrier gestures and the health protocol, and to put protective equipment at their disposal.

4. To put signs and markings in place to encourage 1.50m social distancing in the reception areas.

5. To offer hydroalcoholic gel to customers and to personnel in the common areas.

6. To enhance the cleaning and disinfecting of accommodation and of common areas using cleaning-disinfecting products and to ensure that a mobile home is aired before the accommodation is made available again.

7. To streamline procedures for arrivals with the “fast check-in”.

8. To establish and apply enhanced access and health safety instructions specific to the recreational areas (swimming pools and children’s play areas) in accordance with the health authorities’ recommendations.

9. To deploy the health control plan in all the restaurant areas as recommended by the health authorities.

10. To apply the risk management protocol in the event that a customer or an employee is suspected of being infected with the COVID-19, in line with the health authorities’ recommendations.

Our recommendations and information for a successful stay

Here at Sandaya, holidays are sacred! Every year, we put all our heart into offering you the most gorgeous holidays possible.

And this year will be no exception!

For a stay that combines serenity and safety, follow the guide :)

The great day has finally arrived, it’s time to get away!

Before you finish packing your bags, ready to come and meet us again, don’t forget:

  • Hydroalcoholic gel and masks for all the family, the latter will be mandatory inside the shops for your safety and that of our staff.
  • A beach mattress for the sunloungers in the bathing areas. In fact we recommend using one as part of our “preventive measures”, but it isn’t mandatory.
  • And of course, your swimsuit! Please note that only swimming trunks and swimming boxers, bikinis and one-piece swimsuits are allowed in our aquatic areas.
A check-in with complete peace of mind
  • Because your holiday begins as soon as you set foot inside our campsite, we undertake to ensure that there is always someone ready to welcome you, whatever your time of arrival.
  • If your file is complete and you have already paid your balance before you arrive, you’ll be able to benefit from the “fast check-in” service. In order to reduce contacts and waiting time, we would be grateful if you finalised your file before you leave home.
  • If not, then we ask you to call into reception on arrival to complete the administrative formalities. To ensure everyone’s safety, please wait outside until a reception desk is free.
  • For your payment, we invite you to pay by bank card and to favour contactless payment whenever possible, via a mobile payment app. If you prefer, we can send your invoice by email.
The barrier gestures to be respected

For several months now, the barrier gestures have been part and parcel of our daily lives. So don’t forget to keep up your good habits during your holiday :)

Coronavirus: the barrier gestures to protect you and to protect others

  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Cough or sneeze into your elbow
  • Use a tissue and throw it away afterwards
  • Greet people without shaking hands, avoid hugging and kissing
  • Wear your mask in all the enclosed areas within the campsite*

* In Spain, it is obligatory to wear a mask anywhere on the campsite; it can however be removed when you are on your pitch.

Questions about the coronavirus?

Accommodation that is clean and disinfected
  • You should know that in the interests of your safety, and right down to your holiday home from home, we have enhanced the cleaning and disinfecting of both accommodation units and common areas. For that, we use appropriate cleaning-disinfecting products and ensure that the mobile home is thoroughly aired before it is made available to you.
  • The sheets and bath towels that are rented or included with certain accommodation options are laundered by specialist companies. The latter are subject to, and scrupulously respect, the government instructions relating to the health crisis.
  • We recommend that you air your accommodation frequently during your stay.
Communal sanitary facilities that are cleaned even more frequently
  • As soon as you enter the sanitary facilities we would ask you to wash your hands with soap and water or with the hydroalcoholic gel provided for the purpose.
  • We have enhanced the cleaning and disinfecting of the common areas together with the communal sanitary facilities.
  • We would ask you not to loiter in the sanitary facility’s corridors and to respect the rules on social distancing.
  • Finally, you should be aware that we are also providing the necessary equipment to enable you to disinfect the touch points, should you wish to.
Bathing areas for fun in complete safety
  • We would also like to inform you that, in order to ensure your safety, access to our campsites’ water parks will be subject to the recommendations issued by the health authorities. For this reason, the number of people will be limited, in order to respect social distancing between each holidaymaker. The current rule is of 4m² per person, taking into account the total surface area of the water park, including the pools and the solarium terraces and other relaxation areas.
  • For this, you will be invited to book your entry to the water park for the day via the mobile app “Lineberty” that you can download free of charge as of now. Please note that the bookable time slots are for a duration of 1 hour and only a single slot can be booked at any one time. Once your time slot has ended, you can then book another one via the app. But don’t worry, there’s no limit to the number of time slots that can be booked each day. It is quite possible to enjoy the aquatic area all day by booking your next slot as soon as the previous one has ended (as long as the number of people in the aquatic area has not been reached the maximum allowed). We are determined that everyone should be able to make the most of our aquatic areas, in a way that is both fair and just. Which is why we also wanted you to know that the opening hours will be extended so all our holidaymakers can enjoy plenty of fun in the water :)
  • To guarantee your safety, we are applying strict standards for the treatment of our swimming pool water, in order to inactivate any micro-organisms such as viruses. As a result, the water in our pools is both disinfected and disinfecting. Our installations have also been fitted with a system that automatically analyses the water in order to verify the data throughout the day.
  • The poolside areas, and all the shared equipment with which you may be in contact, will be regularly disinfected, notably: the toilets, hand rails, handles, gates, etc.
  • In order to respect the social distancing demanded by the government, the number of sunloungers available will be adjusted.
  • The bathing surveillance personnel will be responsible for ensuring that the distancing measures are respected, so that you can enjoy your holiday in perfect serenity. We ask you to respect these social distancing rules in the pools, on the poolside terraces in the bathing area, for access to the waterslides and for the aquatic games.
  • Please note that only swimming trunks and swimming boxers, bikinis and one-piece swimsuits are allowed in our aquatic areas.
  • You are free to use the hydroalcoholic gel provided at the entrance to the bathing areas, at any time. Please note that appropriate materials will be at your disposal should you wish to disinfect your sunlounger.
Our spas and wellness areas for relaxing
  • As each year, booking will be mandatory for access to the spas and wellness areas at our campsites.
  • You should be aware that access to the spas and wellness areas will be limited in order to respect the social distancing demanded by the government.
Beaches to discover in total freedom

Nearby beaches and those directly accessible from our campsites were reopened to the public on 2 June and no particular restrictions apply. You are free to laze in the sunshine and make the most of all the joys of the sea. However, don’t forget to respect the social distancing rules :)

Entertainment and activities for enjoyment with all the family
  • Good news, children’s entertainment will be allowed at our campsites! For the safety of your youngsters and that of our entertainers, the children’s clubs will have to be held out of doors and in groups of no more than 10. 
  • And because we’ve thought of everyone, entertainment for adults will also be maintained!
  • The multisports grounds, tennis and pétanque courts, ping-pong tables, mini-golf and golf courses will also be at your disposal. However, we will not be organising any team sports tournaments, once again this is in order to respect the health recommendations.
  • To make the most of all the entertainment and activities in total safety, we would again ask you to respect the social distancing rules.
Services and shops for an even easier holiday
  • Our restaurants will be open and will respect current regulations in order to guarantee the safety of our holidaymakers. Please note that we will be offering a takeaway service at all our campsites as well.
  • The shops will also be open. In order to ensure your safety and that of our personnel, we would ask you to respect the rules on social distancing.
  • In the shops, wearing a mask is mandatory for your safety and that of the other holidaymakers.
  • The maximum number of people allowed inside will be indicated at the entrance to each building, please respect this number by waiting outside.
Enjoy your holiday in complete freedom!

Now that you have read and understood all the measures implemented at our campsites, you can stop and take a deep breath! We are counting on you to apply these few principles for campsite life so that we can all, together, enjoy a well-deserved moment of relaxation. This year, more than ever, we will be doing everything possible so that you’ll live an unforgettable holiday here with us :)