For a stay featuring nature and a touch of exoticism, come and enjoy a holiday staying in the Finlandia chalets at the 5 star Sandaya Cyspela Resort campsite on Spain's Costa Brava!

Come and enjoy staying in a chalet on your holiday on the Costa Brava

Settle back on the chalet terraces and soak up the peace and pleasures of the tree-filled setting around you! In your chalet you've got a cosy and inviting atmosphere to enjoy with the family.
Finlandia chalets have air conditioning too, and will make for the perfect place for a really comfortable and pleasant stay. So don't hang around! Set sail for Spain and the Costa Brava with Sandaya!
And for an even more natural vibe, come and acquaint yourself with the canvas lodges and cabins on stilts in Sandaya's 4 and 5 star campsites!

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