At Sandaya, we have built our CSR (corporate social responsibility) process around 3 founding principles: optimising resource management, promoting the natural heritage and enhancing employee loyalty. Combined, these 3 principles are intended to make Sandaya a mainstay of sustainable tourism for years to come. Our "Way of Life" programme demonstrates our commitment to the future: looking after the world around us to ensure future generations are able to enjoy it too.

Our 3 core CSR commitments

To give structure to our plan of action, we picked out 10 formative actions built around 3 principles:

  1. Optimising resource management: water, power, purchases/waste produce
  2. Enriching our surroundings and promoting the biodiversity of our outside spaces
  3. Enhancing employee training, involvement and loyalty

Natural and human resources lie at the heart of our business: natural because we are striving towards protecting the ecological value of our campsite locations; human because we are mobilising our teams in respect of this environmental issue, and endeavouring to implement a responsible employment policy. This is therefore a long-term vision for our customers, our employees and our planet.

Commitment 1: optimising resource management

Natural resources are scarce and precious, and are central to our "Way of Life" programme. We are therefore establishing a set of measures, both at Sandaya's head office and in all our campsites, in order to tackle wasted resources effectively and in the long term, as well as to cut consumption overall: water, power, waste. Some of our campsites already have ecological and energy-efficient systems in place, and we are eager to extend their use to all our other campsites by 2022. These are a few examples:

  • Installing water meters and flow regulators in communal sanitary facilities and accommodation.
  • Installing energy-saving keys in new accommodation.
  • Installing shredders to deal with green waste on site.
  • Installing a recycling bin with explanatory information on waste sorting in accommodation.
  • Installing charging terminals for electric vehicles in our campsites.
  • Methodising the purchase of ecologically-certified products for maintenance of accommodation and sanitary facilities.

Commitment 2: enriching our surroundings and promoting the biodiversity of our outside spaces

At Sandaya, we are aware that protecting the outside spaces in which our campsites are located is what makes them attractive. This is why we put all our efforts into promoting their natural value and protecting their biodiversity. To achieve this aim, we are working with a wide variety of experts, including the CNPF (France's national centre for forest maintenance) and the LPO (France's bird protection league) with whom we have signed an agreement towards protecting the animals, plants and trees in our campsites.

In addition, we are striving to prioritise the local heritage as a part of the customer experience, by arranging activities especially for exploring and promoting our outside spaces. Building permaculture vegetable gardens, picking fruit and vegetables, collecting eggs, producing honey in hives and setting up games based around sustainable development are just some of the entertainment options which make complete sense and which are open for the whole family to enjoy.

Commitment 3: enhancing employee training, involvement and loyalty

To make sure our objectives can be achieved sustainably and with the best possible results, we make it a point of principle to train all our teams with regard to the CSR values of Sandaya group. We are convinced that combined effort is vital, and that every employee, whatever his or her job description, has a part to play. And this is why  work groups and training are arranged internally, so that everyone can get to grips with the shared action plan.

As a tourism body, it is our wish to implement a responsible policy as an employer, and to set up a working environment that is as good as it can possibly be in order for our employees to flourish. By ensuring positions are held for the long-term and by enhancing loyalty in our teams, we are looking to maximise the wellness of our employees, be they annual or seasonal. And we certainly know that what's good for us is just bound to be good for you too!

Sandaya and Apprentis d’Auteuil: a partnership in favour of young people

We have been supporting the French foundation Apprentis d’Auteuil since 2020. Recognised by the government as being of public interest, Apprentis d’Auteuil has been working for over 150 years to help the most vulnerable youngsters. Our commitment not only consists in helping their social and professional integration and training them in the various professions involved in the camping sector, but also in offering disadvantaged families a chance to get away on holiday. In parallel, we have included a fund-raising appeal on our website, accessible to our customers as part of the booking process: for each euro donated, we pledge that we will systematically pay the same amount to the foundation.