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Camping Noirmoutier en l'Île

Noirmoutier-en-l’Île, in the Vendée, is the ideal destination for a holiday brimming with discovery, visits and gastronomy; a holiday that offers both rest and relaxation. Enjoy the mild maritime climate of the French region of the Vendée for your camping holiday in Noirmoutier.

Camping Noirmoutier en l'Île: book your stay

Your camping holiday in Noirmoutier

A campsite stay in Noirmoutier-en-l’Île is perfect for all the family, with a wide range of activities on offer and the island's glorious unspoilt nature to explore.
Come and discover its unique features, such as the famous Passage du Gois. This 4.5km causeway, only accessible at low tide, is just one of the island’s must-see sites that will make your camping holiday in Noirmoutier even more memorable.
Noirmoutier is also renowned for its natural sea salt and the many salt marshes that cover nearly 1/3 of the island. Find out all there is to know about harvesting this "white gold" and visit the numerous salt huts that border the island's roads.
Whether you rent a spacious camping pitch or a modern mobile home with a breathtaking view out over the Atlantic Ocean, you'll enjoy every minute of your camping holiday in Noirmoutier!

Camping seaside

Noirmoutier, where the ocean stretches to the horizon and beyond! Once on the island take a deep breath of its iodine-rich sea air, the very essence of your campsite and emblematic of your holiday.
Enjoy the advantage of having direct access to the sea from your campsite, perfect for bathing or simply basking on the beach in the sun.
For all those who love seafood, nothing beats fresh local oysters served with a sea view! Why not try your hand at gathering shellfish and savour your own harvest: oysters, mussels and whelks, there is something for every taste!

Water Park Noirmoutier-en-l'Île

Because there is more to a holiday than the ocean and the salty tang of seawater, don’t forget to take a plunge in the refreshing swimming pools of the aquatic park, part of your campsite in Noirmoutier-en-l’Île.
Conveniently located on-site, make the most of the aquatic park with its covered heated pool, outdoor pool and the many sun-loungers conveniently placed around them. Simply lie back and relax, what better way to end a busy day filled with activities, visits and excursions? You prefer a more active holiday? Join in an aquagym session or wake up your muscles with some water aerobics.
There's not a minute to lose, head this way for a great camping holiday in Noirmoutier!

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Camping Noirmoutier en l'Île, book your stay!

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