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Groups and seminars

Forget offices, co-working spaces and dull hotels for your seminars, and opt for our Sandaya campsites instead! Why? For their high-end accommodation choices, the amenities specially designed for groups and, of course, the services and activities that will add that little extra something that makes all the difference. 

Seminars and groups

Choosing the ideal setting for your company projects, team-building sessions and seminars is not always easy, but you can count on Sandaya and its destinations in some of the finest regions of France. Seaside, lakeside, countryside or in the mountains... you’re more than spoilt for choice. 

And the icing on the cake? Between meetings, you can enjoy our water parks, wellness areas and various restaurant choices. As everyone knows, a stunning natural environment is more than enough to boost motivation, inspiration and efficiency!

In short, booking Sandaya for a seminar means: 

  • Access to dedicated amenities with all the equipment you need (Wi-Fi, projectors, microphones, screens, etc.).
  • All-comfort accommodation suited to your needs (individuals, groups, cottages, lodges, etc.)
  • A variety of activities designed to foster team spirit while catering to everyone’s aspirations (sport, relaxation, etc.)

Weddings, festive gatherings, birthdays and extended family reunions

A wedding to organise, an event for your sports club, a big family reunion or a birthday with your whole gang? Celebrating life’s special occasions is serious business, but how do you bring everyone together in the same place and mark the occasion without breaking the bank? The answer? Sandaya campsites! They provide the perfect package: unbeatable value-for-money, a prime location and suitable accommodation to lodge everyone on-site. There’s no need to restrict the guest list at Sandaya!

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