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Privacy policy

At Sandaya, we value our customers and want to treat them properly. This is why, within the framework of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which has governed all countries in the European Union since May 2018, we are committed to respecting your private life and, consequently, to protecting the confidentiality of your personal data.

Sandaya and data collection

When you browse the Sandaya website, when you make a booking online or via a call centre, when you subscribe to our newsletter, when you contact us via the contact form or when you fill in a satisfaction questionnaire after your stay: all these actions are opportunities for us to collect a little of your personal data.

The data we collect comes from 2 sources.

1. The information that you freely agree to send us

  • When you make a booking, you are agreeing to provide us with some of your personal data:
  • Your own details: surname, first name, date and place of birth, postal address, email address, landline number, fax number, mobile number, identity card/passport number, vehicle registration;
  • Details of people staying with you (whose prior consent you have obtained): surname, first name, date and place of birth;
  • Your payment details: method of payment, amount paid.
  • When you communicate with us or when you agree for us to communicate with you via different platforms:
  • The type of commercial information

2. The information we collect automatically when you browse the Sandaya website

This takes into account, among other things, of:

  • Your geolocation details. Through your computer's IP address or via the GPS of your mobile or tablet, we collect information, without storing it, which notes your approximate or exact location in real time. From your mobile device or computer, you can view or deactivate location services in Settings at any time.
  • Your usage details. Pages visited, searches made and bookings made also constitute information with which you agree to provide us.

Sandaya and cookies

A cookie is a small, permanent file designated and stored on your computer's hard drive or in the memory of your mobile device, via web browsers. It is a recognition tool which enables us to identify you, with the purpose of making your online browsing easier, but without selling any information to third parties.

What type of information do we store?

  • Your browsing habits, including pages visited;
  • Technical information about your computer, mobile device or tablet, including your IP address, the operating system you use, the browser you chose or the web address which brought you to our website.

This enables us to further personalise your experience on our website by providing you with ever more content that may be of interest to you. This also helps us to provide you with an optimum level of quality in terms of services by striving to improve our functionalities.

You will be asked to allow cookies every time you start browsing our website. You can remove or reject cookies at any time by going to the menu and the "Help" section of your browser. This in no way changes the content of the website, nor does it alter the functionalities available.

Sandaya and use of your data

Once collected, your data is used in different ways in order to make the Sandaya website a trustworthy environment in which you can take full advantage of our functionalities:

  • Browsing our website: access to content looked at, functionalities used etc.
  • Managing the booking process: receipt of payment, sending a booking confirmation by email etc.
  • Communication between Sandaya and users: private messages on social networks, displaying personalised advertisements on web browsers, responses to contact forms, making contact following responses to satisfaction questionnaires, sending newsletters by email etc. You can unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time by clicking on the corresponding button in the body of the email.
  • Entering competitions on social networks: registering your entry so as to be able to recontact you to send you your prizes.
  • Analyses and statistical surveys: via your interactions and your browsing habits, we can undertake a certain number of surveys so as to optimise and improve your user experience and make it unique.
  • Respecting legal requirements, respecting the Terms and Conditions of Sale and informing the relevant authorities in the event of breach of law or damage caused.

Sandaya and disclosure of your data

Within the framework of a process of optimising and personalising your user experience while respecting legislation, Sandaya group may need to share some of your data with third party partners: secure payment companies, mailing houses, business partners during competitions etc.

When this is the case, we ensure that the information sent is treated with the same level of requirement to respect the GDPR applied at Sandaya.

Sandaya and data protection

Your personal data is stored in Europe and can, if necessary, be sent to trusted third parties outside the EU. In this case, we ensure that these entities respect European law with regard to data confidentiality and protection.

With regard to your payment data, we ensure that this is also protected using the Secure Socket Layer-SSL protocol. Via a secure connection and through a dedicated Multiprotocol Label Switching-MPLS network, this SSL protocol encrypts and protects this data to enable us to manage and transfer it in total safety, all in line with Payment Card Industry Data Security-PCI DSS norms.

This is all subject to extremely strict procedures intended to avoid any accidental loss, destruction or alteration of your data.

Sandaya and data retention

Generally speaking, your personal data is kept for as long as necessary to properly conduct the business agreement between us, as well as to comply with our legal obligations.

Data pertaining to your bookings, meanwhile, is also kept as long as necessary as required by law, especially with regard to tax law or to sale for security purposes.

Sandaya and your rights

Within the framework of the General Data Protection Regulation, you retain a certain number of rights with regard to your personal information:

  • The right to be forgotten and the removal of your personal data: if you no longer wish Sandaya to use your personal data, you can ask for it to be removed. Please bear in mind that we may retain some of this data in compliance with our legal obligation.
  • The right to removal from the mailing list and to oppose processing: at any time, you can choose to unsubscribe from our mailing list and thus prevent any use of your personal data. To do so, just click on the relevant link if it is a newsletter, or contact us using our contact form.
  • The right to request information: you also have the right to the access, correction, rectification, updating, portability or removal of your data.


If you have a claim or complaint with regard to this confidentiality policy or to the practices of Sandaya with regard to processing your information, please contact us:

  • By email to our Data Protection Officer (DPO):;
  • By post to:

472 rue du rajol
34 130 Mauguio

Sandaya and modification of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) policy

Our confidentiality policy with regard to GDPR is subject to change at any time. If this occurs, a new version will be published on our website and we will inform you of this via email.