Camping Aquitaine

Come and lie back in the sunshine of the Aquitaine, in one of its really lovely seaside resorts. You'll be able to really make the most of the huge, fine sand beaches and the coolness of the ocean. There are all sorts of amazing and varied natural highlights in the region too, so you can set off to explore the gorgeous Bassin d'Arcachon, the Dune du Pyla and the highly impressive Landes forest!

Discover Aquitaine

You will tan under the sun of Aquitaine, in one of its very beautiful beach resorts; you can enjoy the enormous fine sandy beaches and the freshness of the ocean. Its natural treasures will amaze you with their biodiversity, particularly the sumptuous Arcachon Bay and the Great Dune of Pyla of the impressive forest of Landes.

Visiting the area of Bordeaux will also lead you to the most beautiful châteaux and vineyards of Médoc or Graves, known all over the world. Tasting various vintages will accompany your discovery of the traditional local gastronomy. Choose Aquitaine for a stay combining gastronomy, oenology, sport and relaxation.

In the Aquitaine region, you're going to delight the whole family without fail. The Atlantic coast will reveal its completely diverse landscapes to you, from Médoc towards Landes or the Basque Country. You'll be delighted to visit the recently enhanced city of Bordeaux. You can discover the various medieval villages dispersed through the area, with their magnificent châteaux in the heart of the vineyards. Let yourself be tempted by a multitude of activities to do and try (surfing for example) with friends or family.

An essential stop in Aquitaine is the very famous wine route, which will get you initiated in the world of wine tourism. Go and discover Gironde, full of highly-reputed vineyards and wine-growers. Out of curiosity, why not visit a sturgeon breeder, which puts the region at the top for caviar production in France. Take interest in learning the production phases of wine, explained enthusiastically, in Saint-Emilion, Saint-Julien or Saint-Estèphe...
Aquitaine has very rich and diversified gastronomy: who could resist a good foie gras, confit duck or duck shepherd's pie? And what can you say about certain patisseries with recipes from yesteryear that are still just as delicious? A little cannelé is sure to tempt you !

You absolutely must add a visit to the Great Dune of Pyla (the highest in Europe) to your itinerary, where the climb will leave your children breathless! The famous Palmyre Zoo and the aquarium in La Rochelle should also be seen, along with many other interesting places.

Unforgettable holidays for the greatest pleasure of sporty children and adults alike ! The many varied and dynamic activities that the region offers, between the sea and the forests, will charm them. Bikes are encouraged and there is a multitude of cycle paths, for all bike-loving families to enjoy... The more daring should not miss out on trying surfing and sand-yachting, with unique thrills guaranteed.