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Using customer reviews

Because your satisfaction is our priority, we encourage your feedback about your experiences via a post-stay satisfaction questionnaire, so we can improve a little more day by day. Discover our terms and conditions for collecting, processing and using customer reviews.

Sandaya is responsible

Sandaya undertakes to copy the genuine opinions and comments of our customers in total transparency. So as to make sure information collected is objective and verifiable, we strive to make sure that no bias guides or encourages your reviews.

Via a post-stay satisfaction questionnaire, all customers have the option of fully expressing themselves and we undertake to listen to you and reproduce this experience for users of the website

Sandaya collects your reviews and comments

Following a stay in one of the group's campsites, all customers will receive a satisfaction questionnaire inviting them to share their experiences. These questionnaires are sent the day after the end of the stay by email, using contact information collected when the bookings were made. If we do not receive a reply within 5 days, customers are sent an automatic reminder by the group.

This questionnaire asks for customers' reviews about various aspects experienced during their stays. Questions asked are unbiased and responses will never be induced.

Sandaya checks and moderates your reviews and comments

All data collected in the satisfaction questionnaire is intended for publication on the group's website. To do so, it is first subject to verification and, if necessary, moderation. All reviews, without consideration of content, are subject to the same process of moderation.

This initial moderation of the publication is carried out in two stages:

  1. Automatic moderation;
  2. If necessary, moderation by a person.

Sandaya therefore reserves the right, after verification, to decide whether to publish reviews submitted by users. This instance comes about in 2 situations:

  1. If reviews do not comply with these conditions of use;
  2. If reviews contain disturbing aspects: reviews of a type which may bring about the public or criminal liability of the group, abusive or impolite content, defamatory or threatening content or content that may be seen as harassment, inappropriate or unintelligible content, content with no relevance to the topic or which does not portray users' experiences, content which infringes on the rights of other people and on private life (identification of third parties, credit card numbers, social security numbers etc.) and/or including an appeal for legal action, presence of a conflict of interest, spam etc. This list is not comprehensive.

Sandaya reproduces your genuine reviews and comments

Sandaya collects and reproduces your reviews and comments within 30 working days from the date on which the questionnaire was approved. These can be found on the group's website and, if needed, on the ancillary websites of its campsites.

The score shown represents the average score from questionnaires completed, collected and approved over the past 365 days. The absence of comments in no way precludes the publication of this average score.

For information purposes and always using a process of transparency, the number of questionnaires collected is published on the group website.

Sandaya files your published reviews and comments

Your reviews and comments are filed by Sandaya group for a period of 3 years. These are published on the website for a period of 2 years.

If customers wish to withdraw, all users may, at any time, contact us to request that a published review and/or comment is removed.

However, a copy of this review will be retained in case of subsequent verification carried out by a third party certification body. It will not be possible, however, for users to modify reviews that have already been published.

Do You responsible?

Because your reviews and comments are genuine, they are in no way solicited for transcription or official advice by Sandaya group: by expressing yourself freely, you alone are responsible for the points made and reviews provided. All users therefore undertake to relinquish, specifically and free of charge, all rights pertaining to intellectual property, copying, showing and adapting using all media and formats that may or may not currently be known about. This transfer of rights is not restricted in terms of space but is so in terms of time, by the legal timeframe regarding protection of copyright.

Do You good practice?

Below are the rules of good practice of genuine and responsible users:

  • As a user, you undertake to respond as an individual. Corporate entities cannot therefore submit reviews.
  • Sandaya will reject any reviews and comments by people who have conflicting interests with the group: family ties with group employees, employees, members of a competitor group or business partner company, people requested to provide reviews, whether this is gratis or not etc.
  • Within the context of a genuine review, people may only submit a review if they have personally experienced a stay in the Sandaya campsite which the review is about.
  • All users are responsible for their wording. Sandaya consequently has the right to reject and moderate user reviews for reasons cited below.
  • Users agree to be recontacted by email or by telephone a third party verification body or Sandaya group moderator, in order to verify information provided.

Data protection

In accordance with the French law pertaining to data protection dated 6th January 1978, users may at any time and through a right of access, rectify and raise an objection to personal data concerning them. If this applies to you, please write to us. Please don't forget to include your contact details (surname, first name address):

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