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My Sandaya - My account

Because the Sandaya adventure begins with you, it’s high time we thanked you for your loyalty! Discover My Sandaya, a brand new area just for you and through which your loyalty will be justly rewarded. Welcome to the club!

5 good reasons to create your “My Sandaya” account

1. To benefit from your introductory offer
When you create your My Sandaya account 80 loyalty points will automatically be credited to it. It’s our way of saying thank you!

2. To enjoy free nights at the campsite of your choice
Thanks to your My Sandaya account, you collect loyalty points with each stay spent with us, whatever the time of year and campsite you choose. As soon as you have earned 100 points, you can enjoy 1 free night for your next stay! The moment you’ve been dreaming of to discover a new holiday destination and share even more amazing moments all together. We’re looking forward to seeing you again soon!

3. To view all your bookings at a single glance
From your “My Sandaya” account, you can easily access your booking history and the details of your upcoming stays: booking number, dates, accommodation... You’ll find all the important information together in the “My stays” section of your account. How convenient!

4. To pay your balance online
You no doubt already know that, at the very latest, the balance of your stay has to be paid 30 days before you arrive. And the good news is that, with your account, it only takes 1 simple click to access your balance! For that, all you need is your booking number, which you’ll find in the “My stays” section mentioned above. Isn’t life wonderful!

5. To update your personal information
You want to personalise your password, edit your contact details or change your email address? It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3: rendezvous in the “My info” section of your My Sandaya area!

Loyalty points - how do they work?

  • Your loyalty points become free nights

You love nothing better than a camping stay with Sandaya? And we love being able to reward you! Each stay booked with us enables you to automatically accumulate loyalty points that you can then convert to free nights to enjoy during a future stay, excluding July-August and Baia Holiday partner campsites.

10 nights spent with us = 1 free night for your next stay, in low season and in equivalent accommodation

  • Accumulating your loyalty points
  1. Free nights do not themselves give rise to any new loyalty points.
  2. Points are credited for a maximum of one accommodation unit per customer and per night stayed.
  3. Loyalty points may be used in conjunction with any other promotional offer.
  4. The points acquired may not give rise to any financial compensation of any sort.
  5. Only direct customers may accumulate loyalty points, works council and tour operator stays are therefore excluded from the loyalty programme.
  6. For any stay of more than 21 nights, the number of nights taken into account to calculate the number of loyalty points credited may not exceed 21.
  7. Equally, your loyalty points cannot give rise to a free stay of more than 6 consecutive nights. But 6 nights already means a pretty good saving, no?
  • Using your loyalty points

Where, when and how to use your loyalty points

  1. Where: the free nights you’ve acquired thanks to your loyalty points can be used at any of the Sandaya campsites, excluding Baia Holiday partner campsites.
  2. When: your loyalty points are credited 7 days after the end date of your stay. From that moment onwards, you’re free to use them for another stay, except during July-August.
  3. How: directly from your account by clicking on “Use my loyalty points”, via the search engine, or by telephone on (0)20 7660 8583.

7 simple rules you should know

  1. With My Sandaya, you’re the one making the decisions: you are free to use your loyalty points to book the campsite and accommodation of your choice (excluding July-August and partner campsites).
  2. Only the accommodation and the services that are included with it (according to the level of accommodation chosen) are offered free of charge. You remain responsible for paying any additional charges. You will also have to pay the tourist tax and any other options associated with your free nights.
  3. Any stay that includes a loyalty night must be of at least 2 nights.
  4. Can I combine free nights and paid-for nights? Yes you can! In this case, the free nights always correspond to the least expensive nights of your stay.
  5. A stay may not include more than 6 loyalty nights.
  6. The loyalty points debited following the booking of free nights is firm and definite, as soon as the booking has been taken, and remains such, even if you decide to cancel your stay.
  7. Loyalty nights are subject to availability, depending on the remaining stock of accommodation allocated to the loyalty programme.
  • Your loyalty points’ validity period

Because all good things must come to an end, your loyalty points expire 24 months after the final day of your last stay with us. 2 years without seeing you again is already far too long! So now, all you have to do is create your account or sign in. See you soon in My Sandaya!