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The Louvre Museum, an unmissable visit during your holiday!

There is no doubt about it, your camping stay in Paris will be rich in adventures, whether or not you are travelling with the kids. And we have a feeling that your visit to the Louvre, the largest museum in the world, will be right at the top of your most amazing holiday memories! From Ancient Egypt to the modern day, prepare to live an incredible journey through time and space.
To best prepare your visit, opt for an early start after a good night’s sleep. And for that your campsite at the gateway to Paris offers plenty of choice: quirky night in a cabin perched on high, with every comfort in a luxury mobile home or traditional on an authentic camping pitch. To relax or to get on the go, you can count on the swimming pools of the water park, the outdoor sports grounds and the entertainment for all the family. As for your trips out and about, you’ll be spoilt for choice: Château de Versailles, Saint-Germain forest, Disneyland and of course… Paris!

Visit the Louvre Museum with the family

With its hundreds of thousands of works of art spread throughout the 72 hectare exhibition space, you’ll never be able to visit all of the Louvre Museum in a single day. So, if you’re looking for a family visit the kids are guaranteed to adore, follow our advice and you’ll have every chance of succeeding! Something tells us that your young campers are just dying to discover the ancient Egyptian sarcophagi... So head for the museum’s Sully Wing on level 0: it also contains the masterpieces from Ancient Greece for a fascinating journey to the very heart of mythology!

Another unmissable at the Louvre: the Touch Gallery, the only area where you can literally get your hands on the artworks. The children will have the time of their lives!

Visit the Louvre Museum as a couple

Between the sculptures in the Michelangelo Gallery on level 0 and the treasures of the Apollo Gallery on level 1, the Louvre Museum is a veritable celebration of love and lovers! From Psyche to the Venus de Milo, without of course missing the renowned Mona Lisa, treat yourself to a romantic tour of this fabulous venue. And you can also explore it during the late-night opening hours on Wednesday and Friday evenings.

And after you leave the museum, your visit still isn’t over: when the weather’s fine, continue your trip by exploring the superb Tuileries and Carrousel Gardens, both of which adjoin the Louvre. The perfect spot for a welcome rest after a visit filled with discoveries!

Camping The Louvre Museum: our handy tips for a successful stay

To guarantee the shortest possible queue when you arrive, don’t forget to book your ticket online ahead of your visit!

Before setting off on your visitor trail, call at the free cloakroom to leave your bags and coats!

Practical! Thanks to the “Affluences” app, check out waiting time at the Louvre before you reach the museum.

Medieval fortress, royal residence, museum... Discover the incredible history of the Louvre dating right back to the 12th century!

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Camping The Louvre Museum, book your stay!

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