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Camping Argenteuil

Make the most of your Sandaya campsite near Paris to visit Argenteuil, the town in the Val-d’Oise made famous by the impressionist painters. Once home to Claude Monet, it invites you for an attractive walk on the banks of the Seine where you can enjoy some sublime views of Paris. C’mon, it’s time to get going!

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Argenteuil, the ideal holiday destination!

On the right bank of the Seine, Argenteuil enjoys a very special location near Paris. With less hustle and bustle than its grand neighbour, it makes the ideal spot for a gentle wander between two trips exploring the French capital. On a fine summer’s day, come and walk in the footsteps of Monet, Renoir and Sisley as you discover the rich historical heritage of the 4th largest town in Île-de-France!

And if you’re looking for somewhere to stay, simply head for the Sandaya campsite just outside Paris. Only a few minutes away from the city centre, you’ll be able to relish a very special natural setting on the banks of the Seine, fully-equipped mobile homes, tree-planted camping pitches or high-perched cabins for a distinctly quirky stay. When it’s time to cool off, dive into the swimming pools of the water park or relax in the whirlpool baths. And as for leisure activities, the sports grounds and free entertainment never fail to delight everyone and every age. Then, to finish the day in style, head for the campsite restaurant and dinner on the banks of the Seine!

Visit Argenteuil with the family

The queen of activities when on holiday in Argenteuil? Getting out and about to explore on foot or by bike. Collect up the family and set off along the Seine with its innumerable tree-planted areas. The Parc des Berges with its children’s playground is ideal when it’s time to stop for a picnic.

On the other side of the Seine, continue your journey to the Parc Pierre Lagravère. Heaven for cyclists and joggers, you’ll be able to enjoy a range of different routes, such as the Promenade Bleue that follows the banks of the Seine for 9km. There is also a funfair roundabout that sets up its summer quarters here; the kids are going to adore it!

Visit Argenteuil as a couple

If you opt for a romantic stay in Paris, your day in Argenteuil will take you in the footsteps of the great impressionist painters who immortalised the scenery of the once rural suburbs of Paris. First stop: Claude Monet’s house in Argenteuil, today a museum. Relive the life of this major artist, as it was in 1874!

To the south of Argenteuil, continue your adventure on the famous Île de la Jatte, favoured by Van Gogh, Sisley and Monet. A 4km route has been set out that will ensure you fall under the charm of this unique spot, just as they did. After a detour to discover the Temple de l’Amour, a listed historical monument, it’s time to return to the campsite for a candlelit dinner on the terrace of your mobile home or that of the restaurant!

Camping Argenteuil: our handy tips for a successful stay

Art-lovers, continue your exploration on one of the 4 impressionists trails at the edge of the Seine!

Architecture-fans, take time out to visit the famous Saint-Denys basilica, renowned as being home to the famous Argenteuil tunic.

To the north-east of Argenteuil, the Butte d’Orgemont offers a breathtaking view of Paris!

You’d like to know more about the local history? Visit the Argenteuil museum, installed in the town’s former hospital.

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