Each summer heralds the return of the traditional jousting season in Frontignan, a custom firmly anchored in the town’s cultural heritage. Hardly surprising, given that jousts have been held in Languedoc-Roussillon for 700 years! An opportunity to set out the rules for this age-old sport.

Although it’s actually a single combat between two jousters, jousting is above all a team sport. The jousters know they can count on their team-mates to ensure victory: between 8 and 10 rowers are responsible for propelling the boat, steered by 2 helmsmen, known as the “timoniers patrons”. This skilled team is accompanied by 2 musicians playing oboe and drum. Their mission: to provide the rhythm for the rowers and acclaim the jouster’s exploits. So come and make it a date in Frontignan throughout the summer, to watch the jousters do battle, and applaud the victors!

34110 Frontignan

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6 km from the event!
Frontignan Plage | Languedoc-Roussillon
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