So how about spending your next campsite holidays in Montpellier?
This city, the capital of the Hérault and on the edge of the Mediterranean, has some major features to draw you here! With its cultural diversity, outrageous architecture and constant dynamism, you'll be experiencing an amazing city. Seatbelts on! Montpellier here we come!

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If you haven't taken the time to consider Montpellier as a destination for your next campsite holiday, then it's high time you did so!
In Montpellier the sky is blue, the sun shines brightly and the days are warm, making it the perfect place for a fantastic holiday!
The quality of life you'll find here is also exceptional! People who like discovering new things and adventurers at-heart can set off into the maze of mediaeval streets in the town centre without needing to worry about cars, as Montpellier is home to France's largest pedestrianised area! With its gardens and monuments, you'll discover a city with a vast heritage, bearing witness to a history that has been written through the ages!
And when it comes to culture, Montpellier leads the way too! Museums, art and sports are vital features of this city! Every year, all sorts of gatherings take place here and give the people who live here a real buzz!
Despite its size, France's 8th biggest city has retained its spirit, which is the source of its strength. Come and have a look for yourself and you'll see!

Camping seaside

As well as the various qualities listed above, Montpellier is also positioned right next to the Mediterranean! 10 tiny minutes by car will take you there, but if you prefer the public transport option, that's no problem either, as there are also trams to take you to the coast!
Fine sand beaches, protected plant life and yachting harbours are all therefore within reach, and we strongly recommend you take advantage of them, as the coastline in the surrounding region is home to all sorts of lovely features!
After an afternoon spent in the water, kitesurfing or lazing around (delete as appropriate), you'll be able to sip a glass of something nice on one of the private beaches in the area, and also eat on-site if you like!
With the beaches of Le Grand Travers and L’Espiguette, you'll have all sorts of options for cooling off. And that's no bad thing at all because, don't forget, the sunshine in Montpellier is strong!

Water Park Montpellier

And what to do after a morning on the beach? Spend the afternoon by the pool of course!
You can count on the sunshine of Occitanie to dry out your swimming togs between dips in the water too! You really will love having fun in the aquatic parks if you enjoy the water! Don't think twice, just slip on your swimming things and come and make the most of the pools! With bathing, waterslides and entertainment all on offer, you simply won't have a chance to get bored! Some campsites will also provide the opportunity to learn to swim, or to improve your swimming technique. Sandaya just makes things great!

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