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Do you yearn to hit the pause button on the everyday routine and focus on what really matters, surrounded by extraordinary natural landscapes? The Aveyron, a natural gem in the Occitanie region, could be your ideal destination. The first stop on your tour of the Aveyron region: Millau, which offers a vast choice of outdoor activities, rich heritage and breathtaking scenery. Prepare to be charmed by this town and its gorgeous natural setting! 

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Millau, the ideal holiday destination!

While its viaduct is an impressive feat of architecture, drawing thousands of visitors each year, Millau has plenty more to offer and is the ideal starting point for an unforgettable voyage through the Aveyron. From the viaduct to the Gorges du Tarn via the Larzac plateau, from the quaint villages to the natural parks, you’re in for a real treat here! 

And when you’re looking for somewhere to stay during your Aveyron getaway, our Sandaya campsite will provide the perfect holiday haven. There, you’ll find all-comfort accommodation to suit every kind of group, along with a beautiful water park where you can cool off and splash around, children’s clubs to keep your little ones occupied, and much, much more. 

Visit Millau with the family

If you love old buildings and surprising heritage, Peyre, one of the most beautiful villages in France, is a great place for a family trip. What’s so special about it?  It features numerous troglodyte houses and a troglodyte church, built directly into the cliff. It also offers breathtaking views of the Millau Viaduct. For an awe-inspiring experience combined with sporting activity, you can also explore the village by canoe from the river the runs at its foot. 

Back on dry land – or actually underground – for our next activity for you and your family: a trip to the Dargilan cave, known as “the pink cave”. Pull on a sturdy pair of shoes, wrap up warm (temperatures never exceed 10 degrees, even in summer!) and set off on a tour of this underground treasure trove in the heart of the Aveyron. Along a stretch of over a kilometre, visitors big and small will marvel at the sight of the rocky structures revealed in shades of ochre, pink and saffron. 

Visit Millau as a couple

Take note: the following activity will definitely feature on your bucket list… as long as you’re not afraid of heights! Because yes, Millau is the ultimate destination in the Aveyron when you want to take to the skies (literally!) – in a paraglider. The sensation as you spin and twirl above the town, carried by the wind’s embrace and admiring the breathtaking beauty before you, is simply indescribable. And it’s even more amazing when you experience it together, with your special someone!

The natural environment, topography and mild climate make the Aveyron capital a real paradise for sports enthusiasts of all kinds. There’s no shortage of activities – on land or water – including canoeing in the Gorges du Tarn, hiking, trail running and mountain biking! So, choose your favourite terrain and embark on an adrenalin-fuelled adventure.

Camping Millau: our handy tips for a successful stay

Did you know? The town is famed for its famous viaduct… but also for its glove factories, and is known as France’s capital of leather and gloves! This savoir-faire is highly prized by haute-couture designers and definitely worth a closer look.

In summer, don’t miss the Natural Games, the world’s leading outdoor sports event. Discover top-class sporting performances during the day and an eclectic music festival at night!

Have you heard of the white gold of Aveyron? This is the ewe’s milk used to make most of the region’s cheeses, including Roquefort. Sample them all, without hesitation!

Did you enjoy your trip to the Dargilan cave? Good news! There are several other caves in the area around Millau, all worth a visit, including the Aven Armand and Abîme de Bramabiau sites.

Yearning for new horizons? Let our Sandaya campsites inspire you!