Camping The province of Verona: our handy tips for a successful stay

At the end of the Sirmione peninsula discover the Grottoes of Catullus. This site has nothing to do with the underground world and are the remains of a Roman villa. Not to be missed if you are a history lover!

And what comes to mind when we mention the “scene of the love story between the star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet”? Verona of course, the town that lends its name to the region. Be sure to visit it with your other half or with the family, it has a great deal to offer and is well worth the detour!

Lake Garda, the largest lake in Italy, is the perfect playground for a host of activities. Water sports, bathing, or bicycle rides along its shores, you will have the chance to explore its many sides easily from your campsite!

Agritourism is very popular in Italy and offers the chance to discover local farming techniques and culinary specialities. It’s good for you and good for the local farmers, so why not give it a try?

Camping The province of Verona, book your stay!

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Visit the province of Verona as a couple

Are you visiting northern Italy, and in particular the province of Verona, as a couple? You're quite right because it is the perfect place for romance and there is a wealth of activities for two to enjoy. Let yourself be tempted by a hike in the great outdoors in a natural park or a bicycle ride around Lake Garda, the perfect opportunity to combine physical exercise and the pleasure of the senses. Would you rather explore the typical villages in the surrounding area? Sirmione and Riva del Garda on the shores of Lake Garda will be just ideal!  

As everyone knows, Italy is renowned for its mouthwatering sun-filled cuisine and its wines. And the province of Verona is no exception! The hillsides of Verona are home to some excellent wines which lovebirds will be able to savour. Bardolino, Valpolicella, Custoza and other delicious nectars with melodious names can be enjoyed with moderation… and delectation!

Visit the province of Verona with your family

Do you want to treat the children as well as those who are still children at heart? Spend the day with the family at Gardaland, the amusement park on the shores of Lake Garda. Everyone will find something there to keep themselves amused: the most daring will rush to the rollercoasters, the very youngest will explore the enchanted worlds of their favourite heroes, and youngsters will marvel at the must-see landmarks and sites of Italy built with the world-famous miniature bricks. Wow!

Your children also take centre stage at your campsite. They will not have the chance to get bored with the games room, playgrounds and activities designed especially for them. And, when the day draws to a close, they will be impatient to start all over again! 

The province of Verona, the ideal holiday destination!

To the west of the Veneto region, the province of Verona is the perfect base if you want to polish up on your history and culture, explore new places, burn off some energy and treat yourself. Visit the beautiful city of Verona, take a cruise on Lake Garda, hike in the heart of the Lessinia Regional Natural Park, taste wines in the vineyards of Verona, there are a thousand and one opportunities to fall in love with this beautiful Italian region set between the lake and the mountains.

The province of Verona welcomes you with open arms at your lakeside campsite: whether on foot, by bicycle, or by car, it is always a wonderful experience that is in line with your wishes regardless of whether you are looking for sport, good food or the chance to spend an enjoyable moment with your tribe! When you return after your day’s outing, the water park, services and facilities available on-site will provide the finishing touch to a stay that is already (practically) perfect. 

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