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New for 2024

What new features await you when you go on your camping holiday this summer?

Every year brings a set of new features in Sandaya's 4 and 5 star campsites! And this season is no exception: new mobile homes to discover, new swimming pools to tackle, new activities to try and even more destinations to explore. Come as soon as you can and enjoy amazing holidays in our modern campsites with their brand new features!

Soulac Plage

  • New 3* cottage 

Les Vagues

  • New 4 shell Playa del Sol area right beside the beach access
  • New 4 shell cottage for people with reduced mobility 
  • Renovation of the swimming pool solarium terraces for even greater comfort 

Blue Bayou

  • New 4*cottage for people with reduced mobility 

Deux Fontaines

  • New pitches with private sanitary facilities

Les Tamaris

  • New 4* cottage for people with reduced mobility 

Riviera d'Azur

  • New 4* cottage for people with reduced mobility 

Le Col Vert

  • New Premium area 

Côte de Nacre

  • A brand new water park with covered pool and water slides
  • A new social hub at the heart of the campsite
  • New Premium chalet

Le Littoral

  • New 4* cottage for people with reduced mobility 

L'Orée du Bois

  • New 4* cottage for people with reduced mobility 

Les Alicourts

  • New Premium area 

Le Grand Dague

  • New Premium chalet  

La Ribeyre

  • New 4*cottage for people with reduced mobility 

Domaine de la Dragonnière

  • Renovation of the bathroom blocks at the lagoon, for even greater comfort

L’Île des Papes

  • Renovation of the water park for even more swimming fun 

La Grande Côte

  • New Friends 4* cottage 

Le Soleil Vivarais

  • New Premium cottage


  • New Hula Premium area 
  • New 4 shell cottage

Belle Plage

  • Renovation of the restaurant and reception 
  • New 4* cottage

Le Carbonnier

  • New 4* cottage

Les Jardins de Privas

  • Renovation of the restaurant, stage and children’s clubs for even more fun
  • Reception area renovated to offer you an even better welcome
  • New 4 shell cottage

Port Manec'h

  • Renovation of the swimming pool, bathroom blocks and children's areas 


  • Renovación de la entrada, la recepción, el restaurante y el bar
  • Renovación de los aseos para una mayor comodidad


  • New 4* cottage 

Le Truc Vert

  • Renovation of the bathroom blocks, launderette and reception, for even greater comfort
  • New playground for more fun than ever 

Val André

  • New 3* and 4* cottages
  • Renovation of the bathroom blocks and launderette for ever more comfort 

Les Mathes

  • New Premium cottages 

La Bosse

  • Renovation of reception, bathroom blocks and children’s area for greater comfort and even more fun 
  • New 3* Lodge tent 

Etoile d'Argens

  • New Sable d'Or Premium area
  • New 4* cottage