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Vulcania, a must-visit during your holiday!

Young or old, expert or newbie, the Vulcania exploration park near your Sandaya campsite in Auvergne has so much for you to discover. Spread over 4 different levels, the attractions, shows, interactive films and sensory experiences are designed for inquisitive minds of every age. There’s no better way to pierce the secrets of volcanoes from all around the world, as you enjoy a truly immersive journey in the heart of the fascinating Chaîne des Puys-Limagne Fault!

And when it comes to somewhere to stay, you can rely on the comfort of your Sandaya campsite near Vulcania. Surrounded by the Auvergne volcanoes, between lakes and lush green mountains, it offers an exceptional natural setting perfect to recharge the batteries in total tranquillity. Cottage, chalet or camping pitch, choose your accommodation and make the most of all the campsite’s advantages: covered and heated swimming pool, luxury services, fun entertainment, sports activities... and never a dull moment in sight!

Visit Vulcania with the family

The outing the kids are going to love the most in the Puy-de-Dôme? The Vulcania theme park, it’s certain to delight all the family. Through its innumerable attractions and experiments on a volcanic theme, your inquisitive youngsters will be able to share a host of experiences, as instructive as they are spectacular. Whilst simply having fun, they’ll be learning so much and, by the time they leave, will know all there is to know about our planet’s most incredible natural phenomena!

After an unmissable visit to the Children’s Village and its sensory activities, head back up to the surface to enjoy the outdoor play areas. So which will it be, braving the depths of the Dragons’ Forest or visiting the home of Pitoufeu, the park’s mascot? The adventures are endless at Vulcania!

Visit Vulcania as a couple

Because no-one ever stops learning, the Vulcania park welcomes everyone from youngest to oldest! So treat yourselves to a romantic visit à deux for a day of discoveries and exploration at Vulcania, just a few minutes from your Sandaya campsite. Head off to discover submarine volcanoes aboard a bathyscaphe and fly over the volcanoes of the whole world facing an impressive 415m² screen. Between interactive films and immersive experiences, let Vulcania reveal all the beauty and fragility of our planet for a day that you certainly won’t forget in a hurry!

Once back on firm ground again, discover the outdoor exhibition and learn all about the Chaîne des Puys. Appreciate the grandiose landscapes of the volcanoes around your campsite as you’ve never seen them before, thanks to a gallery of 3D aerial photos!

Camping Vulcania: our handy tips for a successful stay

In addition to your visit to the park, enjoy the breathtaking shows organised throughout the summer holidays!

Handy hint: book your visit online, with or without a guide, and avoid the queues when you arrive!

Practical: download the Vulcania app to organise your visit and always know exactly where you are in every area of the park!

Cafeteria, brasserie, café, souvenir shop... Enjoy a welcome break during your visit!

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Camping Vulcania, book your stay!

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