Camping Chauvet 2 cave: book your stay

The Chauvet 2 cave, the ideal holiday destination!

The Chauvet 2 cave is the exact replica of a unique archaeological wonder that houses the oldest evidence of human art. Its cave paintings are 36,000 years old... which makes them twice as old as those at Lascaux! Discover this wonderfully presented replica cave with family, friends, or just the two of you, and you’re sure to come away amazed with some very special memories. 

For a trip to this Ardèche marvel and to see all the other wonderful sights in the area, your Sandaya campsite is the perfect choice. Other than its geographic location, its services and amenities make it the ideal holiday base: two heated water parks, one of which is covered, a spa that is a “temple of wellness”, the Gorges de l’Ardèche nearby and direct access to the river. Don’t delay – book today!

Visit Chauvet 2 cave with the family

A family outing to the Chauvet 2 cave is sure to leave a lasting impression. Although it is a reproduction of the original site, the caving paintings are still quite magical and will enchant visitors of every age as they are transported back in time, their eyes gleaming with wonder. At weekends, there are fun activities for children. For example, they can try their hand at cave art, drawing with charcoal. 

The visit continues in the Aurignacian Gallery. This is the second cultural highlight at the site and comprises a 700 m² centre where visitors can learn about the life of the semi-nomadic cave people in a captivating and interactive way. The attractions include immersive films, workshops and other activities and, most spectacularly, an exhibition of 6 life-size animals, including the cave lion and the woolly mammoth, plus 5 humans, including one child. It is a totally immersive experience and extremely well done. A trip you won’t forget in a hurry!

Visit Chauvet 2 cave as a couple

To visit the Chauvet 2 cave as a couple, you don’t have to be a huge prehistory fan – you simply need an inquiring mind. With the one-hour guided visit, you’ll learn all about this fascinating period of human history, hand in hand with your own favourite human! 

Back out in the fresh air, it’s time for a few activities for the adventurous lovebirds among you! And the least we can say is that in the Ardèche, there’s more than enough to satisfy all your cravings for sport, on land or on the water! Whether you opt for canoeing in the Gorges de l’Ardèche, hiking, cycling or climbing, you’re sure to get your dose of thrills!

Camping Chauvet 2 cave: our handy tips for a successful stay

The Chauvet 2 cave in numbers: 425 drawings and paintings, 360 centuries of existence and included on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2014.

Purchase one ticket to enjoy 3 activities: a visit of the cave, the Aurignacian museum, and the fun workshops supervised by activity leaders. Fantastic!

Before you leave, have a look around the shop where you can pick up a souvenir to take home, from a selection of books, decorative items, postcards and other accessories.

Back at your campsite, you’ll be able to look back on your day with the family over a delicious meal. Then enjoy a lovely night’s sleep, ready for another adventure the next day!

Camping Chauvet 2 cave, book your stay!

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