From a simple floral exhibition in 1955, the Temps de Flors in Girona has become a vast spring festival where all the locals join in. During the full week the festival lasts, the streets of Girona are totally transformed: balconies, patios, gardens and roads are all decorated with thousands of flowers that visitors from the whole of Catalonia come to admire at close quarters!

And it’s in the historical centre of Girona that the spectacle is without doubt the most impressive. As you wander the famous Call Jueu, the multicoloured flowers bedeck each alleyway and garden, some of which are opened to the public by their owners, especially for the event. The steps of the Sant Feliu Basilica are even completely covered in floral compositions! This is one celebration you really won’t want to miss if you’ll be staying at our campsite on the Costa Brava this summer, and even more so if you’ll be travelling with children!

from Thu 09 May to Sun 19 May 2024

17071 Gérone

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46 km from the event!
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