Canvas lodges

Our canvas lodges

Come and discover our canvas lodges and enjoy a unique holiday with our 4 and 5 star Sandaya campsites! Whether it's on stilts at the camping Riviera d'Azur, in the heart of the nature at the Plein Air des Chênes campsite or right next to the ocean at the Soulac Plage campsite, lodges will provide you with a unique experience that's really in tune with nature!

Luxury lodges

The luxury lodges at the Plein Air des Chênes and the Cypsela Resort campsites will make for the perfect compromise between mobile homes and campsite tents! Luxury lodges will provide 5 star comfort in a unique setting, featuring high-quality facilities and bedding, fridges, toilet facilities, Italian-style showers with optional music and more! You've really got the lot for enjoying a new type of comfortable holiday staying in a lodge!

And lodges that are right up close to nature!

For something that's closer to nature, choose the lodges at the Vagues campsite in the Hérault and the Soulac Plage campsite in Aquitaine. Here, you'll be able to make the most of the barbecues and plancha grills available on the lodge terraces, for a great time with your family or friends! Or why not come and enjoy some amazing romantic times when you choose the very cosy Coco Sweet lodges at the 5 star Douce Quiétude campsite in the Var?
So don't hang around! Come and enjoy your lodge holiday with Sandaya!

And for an even quirkier experience, come and discover the tree cabins on stilts at the Maisons-Laffitte campsite in Paris!