Camping Pierrefitte-sur-Sauldre

Say goodbye to the city and hello to the countryside! Come and enjoy a large dose of nature in the heart of the Sologne and stay in its loveliest campsite at Pierrefitte-sur-Sauldre. The perfect setting for recharging those batteries with the family and getting away from the daily grind!

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Pierrefitte-sur-Sauldre | Centre-Val de Loire
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Pierrefitte-sur-Sauldre, the ideal holiday destination!

With its timber-framed houses, huge swathes of woodland and surrounding lakes, Pierrefitte-sur-Sauldre is Sologne in microcosm, between nature and protected heritage. Don't forget to allow some time to see the pretty chapel of Notre Dame des Sept Douleurs during your stay here, construction of which began in 1600!

Right up close to the lush heathland or sitting in your tree-house, come and enjoy the landscapes of the Loire Valley and make the most of the huge range of activities available in our Sandaya campsite, including golf, tennis, a skate park and watersports on the private lake. After lunch, head for the covered and heated swimming pools, the waterslides and the water gardens for the youngsters! Finally, head back to the comfort of your cosy home, whether you've chosen a quirky accommodation option, a fully equipped mobile home or a traditional pitch. It's up to you!

Visit Pierrefitte-sur-Sauldre with the family

With its riverside paths and lush grassland stretching away into the distance, the scenery at Pierrefitte-sur-Sauldre is a real chance for a getaway in the heart of nature! An opportunity to get together for a family stroll, with a picnic basket in your hand and your camera within reach. On foot or by bike, a multitude of discovery trails await you as soon as you leave the campsite!

For the rest of the time, children and teenagers will be busy getting their fill of activities and making lots of new friends in the free mini clubs!

Visit Pierrefitte-sur-Sauldre as a couple

Here's a tip for people who enjoy strolls in the countryside and wide open spaces: Pierrefitte-sur-Sauldre in Sologne is that little bit of paradise you've been dreaming about! As well as its appealing architectural heritage including its little chapel, the church of Saint-Étienne and the Saint-Eutrope fountain, it is also listed as a "Village Fleuri", as well as being elected the favourite village by the people of Sologne!

During summer, you'll just love walking hand in hand along the paths alongside which lie English-style gardens and flower-decked houses. A real delight for the senses!

Camping Pierrefitte-sur-Sauldre: our handy tips for a successful stay

From the campsite, take the wonderful Circuit des Césars to the pond which bears the same name. Amazing views!

Here's a tip for foodies: head for the lovely village of Lamotte Beuvron, birthplace of the famous tarte tatin!

Not far from the campsite lies what is known as the pearl of Sologne. Come and see the towers and gardens of Château du Moulin!

Treat yourself to a city break in Orléans and travel in the footsteps of Joan of Arc, the emblem of this city in the Loire!

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