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The Most Beautiful Villages of Wallonia near your Sandaya campsite

If you love age-worn stones and picturesque landscapes, this sightseeing tour is exactly what you need! Make the most of your stay in Belgium to visit some of the Most Beautiful Villages of Wallonia, all lying less than 30 minutes from your Sandaya campsite. But before you start don’t forget the all-essential items you’ll need: walking shoes, picnic basket and your camera. Then it’s time to get going!

Mirwart, a green haven in the Ardennes

In the heart of its lush vegetation, the village of Mirwart in the Province of Luxembourg has lost none of its charm of yesteryear, as illustrated by the half-timbered farms dating from the last century. At the end of the main street, the Château de Mirwart has dominated the Lomme Valley since the Middle Ages. And whilst it might not be open to the public, you can still admire its splendour from close quarters.
To enjoy all the beauty of Mirwart’s natural side, head for the Provincial Estate of Mirwart near Saint-Hubert, in the heart of the forest. Let the ponds, rivers and even the educational bee hive add their own special touch to your walk in the country!

Sohier, between the Ardennes and the Famenne

It may well be short but a visit to Sohier is definitely not to be missed! True the village only has one street, but it’s a street that never fails to capture everyone’s attention: traditional houses, chapel, former school... This is the land of venerable stonework! The highpoint of your visit is without doubt the Château de Sohier. Surrounded by its vast park and remarkable trees, it’s every inch the fairy-tale castle come to life! And to see the village at its very best, visit it in the springtime: Sohier is also an officially-listed “Most Beautiful Village in Bloom”!

Our, a visit for foodies

The voyage continues in the valley of the River Our where the charming village of the same name invites you to stop and explore. Its exceptional built heritage alone makes it worth the trip; between low sandstone houses of ages past and picturesque half-moon bridges. Another reason to linger in Our is without doubt its reputation for great gastronomy. The restaurants of the village are renowned throughout the Belgian Ardennes for offering their guests a festival of flavour!

Celles, a halt on the road to Dinant

Head towards the Province of Namur for your next stop: the charming village of Celles, founded nearly 2,000 years ago. Nestling between 4 hills, the village resembles a Christmas nativity scene with its church overlooking the pretty little squares. The local population, proud of its history, remain strongly attached to the town’s patron saint, Saint-Hadelin. You can even sample a local beer named the “Cuvée Saint-Hadelin”, the perfect tipple to wash down the equally famous “chaussons Cellois”, a delicious savoury turnover!

Gros-Fays, an authentic Ardennes village

Your journey comes to an end in the village of Gros-Fays, in the Province of Namur, renowned for its superb traditional houses built in schist. In the heart of nature, the village offers some superb views over the Semois Valley and its beech forests. After a tour to discover the treasures of its age-old heritage, why not paddle down the Semois by canoe-kayak: there’s no better way to truly soak up the landscape!

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