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Venzolasca | Corsica
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The Biguglia Lagoon Nature Reserve, the perfect holiday destination!

In the same way as the heavenly beaches, the Agriates Desert and the maquis, the Biguglia Lagoon Nature Reserve is one of the natural sites not to be missed during a stay in Corsica. This natural haven serves as the lungs of the region of Bastia and plays an essential role in preserving Corsican biodiversity. With family, friends or a loved one, discover it from every angle! 

For a completely successful stay, you will need a base worthy of the wonders that the island of beauty has to offer. That's where Sandaya campsites come in! With their fully equipped accommodation, free children's clubs, beautiful water parks and the nearby Mediterranean Sea (the icing on the cake), you won't find any better place for your campsite holiday.

Visit the Biguglia Lagoon Nature Reserve with the family

A visit to the Biguglia Lagoon is a fun way to teach your little ones about nature protection. Seeing the varied animal and plant life with your own eyes is much more interesting than in a classroom and the experience will leave lasting memories in your children's minds. 

To round off this informative day out with the family, be sure to stop off at Le Fortin eco-museum, where the two exhibition rooms will reveal the history of this unique site and the ancient traditions of lagoon fishing. Informative and fun just as we like it! And for afternoons spent at the holiday village, the swimming pool or the children's clubs will be the favourite haunts for your little bundles of energy.

Visit the Biguglia Lagoon Nature Reserve as a couple

Equipped with a pair of running shoes, experienced athletes will be able to set off along the fitness trail at the Fornacina park, a 2.5 kilometre hiking trail around the lake. Open all year round and for all levels of ability, even occasional sportsmen and women will be able to enjoy this beautiful outing in a verdant setting. 

It isn't possible to stay in Corsica without spending a day on one of the island's stunning beaches. Whether it is for a romantic stroll at sunset or a refreshing swim followed by a spot of sunbathing, it's up to you to decide how you want to enjoy this enchanting setting. One thing is sure, the magic of the island of beauty will definitely have an effect on lovers.

Camping Biguglia Lagoon Nature Reserve: our handy tips for a successful stay

To the north of the Biguglia Lagoon, the beautiful town of Bastia invites you to enjoy a relaxing visit. You will be won over by its museums, gastronomy, architecture and gentle pace of life!

What should you carry in your backpack when you visit the Biguglia Lagoon? Sunglasses, a cap, sun cream and above all a camera to make sure you never forget this beautiful Corsican experience.

Why not combine a visit to the Biguglia Lagoon with... a 4x4 outing over the Corsican maquis? An activity that will appeal to families and lovers alike!

Corsican gastronomy needs no introduction! Cold meats, cheeses, not to mention sun-drenched fruit and vegetables: a feast awaits you and you will not forget the experience in a hurry!