It’s already many years since the Plein la Bobine association had the brilliant idea of lighting up the whole of the Sancy Massif each summer with their festival of the same name. From Issoire to La Bourboule, the recipe for the Plein la Bobine festival remains unchanged: screenings of carefully selected short and feature-length films, each dedicated to stimulating their young audiences and raising their awareness of the impact an image can have. Like many other families before you, come and make the Plein la Bobine festival your own as you discover this event unlike any other in Auvergne!

Beyond the films themselves; exhibitions, encounters, entertainment and activities will also be on offer throughout the festival. The aim: awaken a passion for film and cinema in each child, but also to help them develop a critical attitude to the images they see. It’s never too early to learn! 

from Mon 27 May to Fri 07 June 2024

63150 La Bourboule

Camping Plein la Bobine festival in La Bourboule, book your stay!

26 km from the event!
Murol | Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
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