Labeaume, the ideal holiday destination!

Labeaume offers a perfect blend of gentle southern living, unspoilt nature and heritage, and will appeal equally to lovers of outstanding natural landscapes, history buffs and land- and water-based sports enthusiasts. When on holiday with your family, partner or friends, succumb to the charms of this little slice of paradise where nature and canoeing reign! 

Just like the gorgeous region in which it is found, your Sandaya campsite promises an unforgettable holiday set in the heart of 14 hectares of greenery. On-site, get ready for a programme of swimming and splashing in the water park, pure relaxation in the spa and a whole host of creative and sporty activities for campers of every age. And the icing on the cake for a pretty perfect stay? Direct access to the river and its beach!

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Visit Labeaume with the family

Pull on your swimsuits and armbands because it’s time to head down to the beach in Labeaume for a dip in the crystal-clear waters of the river. Spend some time splashing around, cooling off or indulging in a stone-skipping contest – it’s said that the best skipping stones in the region can be found here! Whatever you fancy, the riverbank is definitely the best spot in the Ardèche! Be careful, water shoes are essential to stop you from slipping!

Back on dry land and in dry clothes, set out to explore the Ardèche along its hiking trails. Just like canoeing, this is another must-do activity in the region. There are plenty of family-friendly paths criss-crossing the area so pick your route, grab your rucksack, pack your picnic and all your enthusiasm and off you go, gang! 

Visit Labeaume as a couple

Enjoy a stroll along the river, hand in hand with your significant other. The very enjoyable walk takes you to the hanging gardens, gorgeous little gardens that cling to the cliffs and afford a breathtaking view of the verdant surroundings. The perfect place for a romantic selfie!  

The Ardèche is renowned as a paradise for canoers. You simply won’t be able to escape this activity and, let’s face it, it’s ideal for lovebirds. Imagine an enchanted interlude out on the water, where every stroke of the paddle takes you to yet another marvel. A memory that will linger long in your hearts and minds.

Camping Labeaume: our handy tips for a successful stay

Megalithic monuments such as dolmens are not only found in Brittany! There are no fewer than 140 dolmens scattered outside the village of Labeaume. Set off on a dolmen hunt with the family!

Chestnuts, Picodon cheese, PDO wines, olive oil and the “caillette” meatball speciality... the food of the Ardèche is simply scrumptious and to be enjoyed to the full by visitors of all ages!

Budding photographers, take note: the best spot for a fabulous photograph of Labeaume and the river is a 15-minute walk away, at the lookout point. Follow the signposted pathway towards Saint-Alban-Auriolles.

Labeaume is also known for its music festival where, every summer, the crowd is treated to a variety of music styles performed on the stage set up on the riverbank. A truly magical setting and a great atmosphere guaranteed!