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Operation “Save Christmas” with Koolaya!

Every day from 1-24 December, help Koolaya and his friends on this very special adventure! Explore amazing new places as they pursue an astonishing mission to save every child’s favourite day! Take part in the game for a chance to win one of the great prizes on offer: campsite breaks, goodies and an array of other surprises! Koolaya and his friends are waiting for you to take up the challenge!

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Day 1


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It all began one beautiful summer’s day...

Somewhere far, far away, an adventurer was enjoying a well-deserved holiday when suddenly his phone started ringing.

Koolaya? I need your help to save Christmas! All my presents have vanished, and I’ll never have time to get them all back in time!” exclaims a worried voice on the phone.

Our young friend immediately recognises his friend Father Christmas. A call that simply could not be ignored! He would have to hunt those presents down!

And so another adventure began...


Day 2


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Never one to waste any time, Koolaya sets off, following his instinct which rarely lets him down.

He soon stumbles across the first gifts... but a whole new set of problems too! The presents are all mixed up, so it’s going to take some effort to work out which one goes with which! 

Koolaya is a bit worried and needs help... Can you whisper a few clues?

Day 3


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After his initial success, Koolaya is reassured and full of energy! He runs, leaps and scrambles over every obstacle in his quest to help his fabled friend as quickly as possible.

But there is an old proverb, which our favourite koala is too young to remember: more haste, less speed! Koolaya spots a present up high, just out of reach, but his confidence is even higher... until he crashes head over heels into a tree! 

Ouch! What should he do now? Our young hero needs to build his strength back up if he is to set off on his adventure again. We’re going to have to come up with a good solution... Then suddenly, a shadow appears out of nowhere! What’s going on?

Day 4


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Our mystery shadow offers to help Koolaya on the road to recovery. It looks like she’s offering him a variety of leaves to eat, but there are a few too many! Only one of them could really help our hero...

Do you know which one it is?

Day 5


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What a surprise! Our mysterious shadow is none other than Cornelia, Koolaya’s boldest and bravest friend!

Always ready to help her friends, she’s keen to do all she can when she hears that our dear Father Christmas needs help! And so she joins the adventure, upset to think about all the children who might miss out on their presents this Christmas.

Our duo hit the road, headed towards the beach where, fingers crossed, they might be pleasantly surprised.

Day 6


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Oh no! As our heroes emerge from the forest, they become separated and Cornelia finds herself at the door to a giant maze!

She might well be shrewd and intrepid but when confronted with such a baffling labyrinth, even she finds it difficult to find her way. Paths to the left, paths to the right... it even feels like there are paths across the ceiling! If she were to come across a spiders’ web or hear ghostly sounds, she would run for her life... but no, Koolaya is counting on her too much, she’s not scared!

Still, what a puzzle! And no one to help her find the way out... unless you can give her a hand and trace the way out with your pencil?! Be careful, the floor keeps shifting and Cornelia can’t follow the same path twice!

Day 7


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And so, after all those unexpected twists and turns, Cornelia and Koolaya finally meet up again on the beach!

After a well-deserved break, a vast expanse of white sand stretching out before them, they overcome their wonderment and set off again. As they make their way over the lovely fine sand (which is quite warm underfoot!), they spot the tip of an object that looks like... yes, a present!

Now all they need to do is dig out all the sand so they can reach it... do you think you can give them a hand?

Day 8


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The beach is wonderful but after all of yesterday’s efforts, a little shade would be much appreciated! Hence, our duo head back into the forest, following a well-cleared path. 

When they come to a crossroads, they decide to follow the path towards the marshland, which will save a bit of time, but they then find themselves faced with a high cliff to climb!

Cornelia launches into one, two, three somersaults and makes it to the top, but Koolaya slips, which sends a small stone spinning and triggers a rock fall! Watch out! There’s a huge boulder rolling in their direction!

Day 9


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The boulder moves ever closer to our friends, when suddenly another huge rock flies over their heads, as if catapulted into the air, and crashes into the boulder. Phew, it destroys it on impact!

But who jumped in to help Cornelia and Koolaya escape such terrible danger? It was Tobias, of course! Their highly ingenious friend, always ready to solve even the most complicated problems! But watch out... still more small stones appear to be heading towards our intrepid trio!

Day 10


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Tobias immediately comes up with a genius idea! 

With lightning speed, he gathers some pebbles from the ground and hands them to Koolaya. His task? To use the pebbles as ammunition and aim them at the stones to deflect them off their path, so that no one ends up getting hit on the head!

Can you help him to aim properly? Be careful – you must hit them all!

Day 11


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Now that our friends are safe and sound, they can resume their search for the lost gifts. Time to head to the marshland!

The trio arrive and soon spot what looks like a present waiting for them... But wait a minute – like a precious treasure, it seems to be surrounded by a cloud, and the cloud appears to be alive!

Tobias, with his big glasses, has a much better view than Cornelia and Koolaya and quickly realises that the cloud is nothing but a swarm of mosquitoes!

Day 12


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It’s going to take someone very brave – but we have just the girl for the job... Cornelia, of course!

With Koolaya’s help, she dashes through the cloud and retrieves the gift, but the mosquitoes see what’s happening and swarm around her. They all seem to be waiting for something or someone... perhaps their leader? The most dangerous of all?

Of course! If Koolaya can work out which one it is, he’ll be able to scare it off and save his friend! If he concentrates hard, surely he’ll be able to spot the differences in this swarm of nasty insects...

Day 13


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Once the chief mosquito has been defeated, they are all somewhat disoriented. It’s time for our group of friends to move on from here... but where should they go? 

Tobias, of course, has an idea! He sets out his plan to Cornelia and Koolaya: our koala friend needs to take them across the marshes down to the beach. And our genius inventor has built something that might just help them!

When they get to the beach, Cornelia and Koolaya can’t believe their eyes: there’s an amazing yellow submarine waiting for them! Quick, get in!

Day 14


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They are finally safe from the mosquitoes – phew!

After a well-deserved break, our young crew decided to continue their journey, this time at sea. For a start, though, they need to start up Tobias’s vessel, which the inventor may have made a bit too sophisticated! To get it going, you first need to pass a logic test (typical Tobias!), mixing geometry and agility.

Can you finish this game with Koolaya so they can continue their amazing adventure?

Day 15


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Let’s go and explore the seabed! Here, the aim is to enjoy the trip and, more importantly, reach another, more isolated beach to continue their race against the clock.

Cornelia and Koolaya are marvelled by the ocean’s beauty and the aquatic life around them, in awe of the vast quantities of fish and plants. The effect of the light underwater makes them feel as if they have ventured into another world, visiting places they have never seen before, and they realise how lucky they are to have their friend Tobias... this submarine is fantastic!

Day 16


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That’s it, our famous three have reached a quieter beach, far from those awful marshes. Koolaya, delighted to breathe in some fresh air, challenges his friends to a race through the sand... an offer they can’t refuse!

But of course, nothing goes to plan: the resident crabs are not very keen on all this running around, which has disturbed their peace and quiet, so they start chasing our friends!

We’ll have to move fast, folks!

Day 17


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Well, nothing stops Cornelia! As always, she is out in front in this frenzied race, well ahead of Koolaya and Tobias who are trailing behind, but who seem nonetheless very keen to escape the pesky crabs! She even manages to retrieve the last two presents found lying there on the beach. 

Our three friends finally make it to the end of the beach and some big rocks, where they scramble up to safety. Now that they have all the presents, they decide to have a little nap as they wait for our crabby characters to go back to where they came from... But they forget about the rising tide...

Day 18


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Koolaya emerges gently from his sleep and sees what’s going on. He wakes up his friends to alert them to the danger, but doesn’t really understand why the ocean water has risen so high when just a few hours ago, they were running along the beach.

Tobias gives him a refresher lesson on how tides work, as our favourite koala seems to have forgotten!  

Do you remember? Take this quiz to find out what happens next!

Day 19


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The situation is becoming trickier and trickier, when hope suddenly emerges from the depths of the ocean! A humpback whale passing along the coast hears our young friends and decides to help them out. 

Once our trio are settled onto her back, away from the dangerous rocks, Koolaya starts to wonder... how will he get back on dry land and to Father Christmas? He then has a pretty wild idea! He asks their big new friend to use her powerful water jet to propel them into the air, towards a nearby plain!

3, 2.1... and off they fly! But perhaps they should have given this idea a bit more thought...

Day 20


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Soaring like birds at pretty high speed towards (they hope!) their friend with the red suit and white beard, our little gang had not expected to be embarked on such a rollercoaster ride!

You need to help them put their affairs back in order, or they might not get home in time!

Day 21


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Koolaya, Cornelia and Tobias start to feel a bit better as they land, quite by chance, in an empty canoe on the riverbank, not far from the meadow where Father Christmas and his sleigh are waiting.

Time for a decision: should they head back on foot, crossing the dreaded marshland again, or should they find another way? For Cornelia, there’s no doubt about it: she puts her excellent idea to the boys!

Day 22


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To avoid the problems we encountered last time, let’s go down the river in the canoe!” Cornelia proudly exclaims! After a quick look around, her friends can’t think of a better solution, and they all quickly get into the boat.

Now all they need to do is find the paddles!

Day 23


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Fully equipped at last, our trio begin their descent down the river, enjoying the cold, refreshing water. They all take turns to paddle, maintaining a frantic pace worthy of the greatest athletes! Koolaya remembers all the times he has enjoyed canoeing while holidaying in some gorgeous natural settings.

The river forks several times and then they reach a point where it splits in several different directions. However, only one way leads to the meadow they are looking for... Can you help them find the right one?

Day 24

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Yes! Cornelia, Koolaya and Tobias have made it to the edge of the meadow! At last, they spot Father Christmas and his reindeer, and they soon realise why their friend needed help so badly: he was far too busy repairing his sleigh, which seems to have one of its runners broken.

Koolaya proudly hands over all the gifts to his treasured friend, each gift a reminder of the adventure he experienced as he searched for it! Once again, each challenge they encountered was an opportunity to do their very best, and Cornelia and Tobias were fantastic! Bring on the next adventure!

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