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Valencia Bioparc, the ideal holiday destination!

Be enthralled by the fascinating wildlife of Africa during your family camping holiday in Valencia. Much to the delight of your children, the animals are virtually free to roam here, where the fences are as unobtrusive as possible. Rhinoceroses, elephants, monkeys, panthers... you can see the kind of creatures loved by kids and grown-ups alike in this haven of biodiversity. 

Less than 30 minutes from Valencia Bioparc, your family campsite in Spain has everything you need for the ideal camping holiday. Optimum comfort and the very best accommodation are essential if you want to enjoy your well-deserved holiday to the max. To put it simply, the ultimate in luxury camping is what you’ll find here: water park, the sea and beaches nearby, clubs for children and teens, pitches for tents and camper vans, and more. So, kick back, relax and enjoy!

Visit the Valencia Bioparc with the family

The lions or the giraffes? Or how about the chimpanzees? Your children will have a tough choice to make when deciding where to start their day at the Valencia Bioparc! And with the abundance of biodiversity found in this showcase of African and other animals (over 110 different species in all), you can be sure that every member of the family will take home a heartful of memories! On this walking safari, you and your children will explore one natural habitat after another, discovering wildlife from different regions of the world. 

And there’s everything you need on site to ensure that this fun-filled family day out is one of the highlights of your stay. So, what can you expect? Educational exhibitions, animal care demonstrations, guided tours, family picnic areas, shows and attractions for children, and more. 

Visit the Valencia Bioparc as a couple

Zoos aren’t just for the kids! So why not spend a day savouring the joys of a walking safari during your romantic break? Here, the animals live happily alongside one another: the elephants with the zebras, the crocodiles with the hippos, the giraffes with the gazelles (but not with the lions – don’t worry!). With different species cohabiting in the same enclosures, you’ll be treated to a unique wildlife viewing experience, in an atmosphere where peace and harmony reign! 

The most exotic and the most complex ecosystems to recreate – dry savannah, wet savannah, equatorial forest and other biomes – are reproduced here. Not only do these replica landscapes provide a spectacular backdrop, but these reproductions of far-flung terrains also give you a better understanding of the inspiring work involved in animal conservation. In fact, protecting endangered species is one of the raisons d’être of the Valencia zoo.

Camping Valencia Bioparc: our handy tips for a successful stay

Mambi, Ali, Ebo, Mbeli... who are they? They’re all members of the gorilla family whose young were born here, on a captive breeding programme. Be sure not to miss them – they’re the stars of the zoo!

For lunch, you can either enjoy a picnic or dine in the zoo’s restaurants. They’re located right next to the enclosures, so you can continue to observe the animals as you savour your meal!

To avoid queues, you can use the online booking service on the Valencia Bioparc website.

Visit the Bioparc shop and pick up a souvenir of this little slice of Africa. Who will be joining you for the remainder of your stay on the east coast of Spain? A cuddly turtle, a huggable flamingo or a fluffy panther?!

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