Recipes for a lockdown rich in flavour

If the lockdown has turned everyday life upside down over the last few weeks, you have to admit that it’s also given us plenty of free time! So why not make the most of it to tackle some fun culinary challenges? Here are our 3 recipes to make on your own, with your darling other or the whole family kids and all. And, when that long-awaited holiday finally arrives, why not make them all over again but this time in your mobile home!

For lunch: your personalised poke bowl

Until today, the poke bowl was one of those dishes we loved to enjoy at our favourite restaurant, without having to lift a finger. And it was just perfect like that. But now, after a few weeks of lockdown, we’re really starting to crave this Hawaiian dish that we appreciated so much! And since you have the time and the skills (yes, yes) there’s never been a better moment to have a go at making your very own personalised poke bowl. It’s time to head to the kitchen!

Tuna poke bowl recipe from Recipe tin eats

Salmon poke bowl recipe from Tasty

Of course, if you’re no great fan of fish, simply replace the tuna or salmon by any of your favourite flavours. How about some luscious fresh fruit?

For tea-time: brioche & home-made jam

This is one recipe that’s certain to please both children and parents! There’s nothing better than to fill the house with that delicious smell of fresh-baked brioche to have your mouth watering at tea-time. And to accompany it, why not make your very own jam with your favourite fruit. Everyone can join in and it’s always so much better when it’s home-made! But don’t forget to allow the time necessary before you’ll be able to tuck in, especially for the jam that needs 1 day’s maceration and the brioche dough an hour and a half to rise. Enjoy!

Easy brioche recipe from All recipes

To accompany:

Easy strawberry jam from All recipes

Granny’s apricot jam from All recipes

For your aperitif: hand-kneaded bread with tasty toppings

Before, making our own bread seemed incongruous, maybe even pointless. Just head for a nearby bakery, problem solved! Today, with everyone preferring to go out as little as possible, it’s the ideal time to roll up our sleeves and get back to one of our oldest culinary traditions. Go on, try it, become a baker, just for a day! And when it comes to aperitif time, your deliciously crusty home-made bread will be perfect served with any of your favourite toppings: creamy cheeses, delicatessen meats, avocado with lemon or, for that Spanish twist, tomato with garlic. Let your imagination run wild and discover a host of new flavours!

Multigrain loaf from Seasons and Suppers

Olive bread by All recipes

Now all you have to do is make the most of the time at home to get in a little practice, before you all get together over a great meal on the terrace of your Sandaya mobile home... Roll-on holiday time!

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