Let yourself be tempted by the Breton Celtic lands. Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the English Channel, Brittany will surprise you with its many natural resources, and particularly with the fusion between land and sea.

Discover Brittany

Well known for its culture, history and traditions, Brittany has been able to build up a strong identity over the centuries. From Rennes to Quimper passing by Brest or Concarneau, discover Brittany with the entire family and enjoy the places and unique landscapes.

Take a dip in the Breton history, culture and gastronomy.

There are numerous natural and historical areas in Brittany to explore: the archipelago of Glénan and its ninth heavenly colored islands, the famous "menhirs" of the megaliths of Carnac, the lighthouse Eckmühl in Penmarch or "la pointe du Raz " (westernmost point of France) and its cliffs. The diversity of all these different places indicates the versatility of the Brittany region.

Brittany also has a strong architectural heritage. Feel free to visit the walled town of Concarneau, the "Fort La Latte" at Cap Frehel or castle " Taureau and Baie de Morlaix". For lovers of culture and history, enjoy a well worth visit to the sail museum Cité de la Voile Eric Tabarly in Lorient, the Museum of Fine Arts in Quimper and the fishing museum in Concarneau.

With regard to gastronomy, Pont Aven pancakes, Breton cider or the famous buckwheat pancake and wheat pancakes are very stimulating throughout your stay. Not to forget that Brittany remains a land of fishing. Enjoy all the seafood: oysters, shrimps or lobster from Brittany. Put on your boots and why not trying to catch them yourselves ? During the flood, as for example in Bénodet, remove some clams, mussels and periwinkles from the water to taste them during an aperitif.

Dance, art, music and Celtic festivals, Brittany profits from many customs and traditions. Discover Breton culture at the Cornwall Festival in Quimper. This festival highlights the Breton identity. Shows, events and concerts are scheduled during the month of July, so you can enjoy the cultural wealth and strength of Brittany.

Is your program ready? Brittany is waiting for you.

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