Carentan-Les-Marais, the ideal holiday destination!

A rural retreat with the sea nearby and a host of historical sites to visit: that’s what you’ll find at Carentan-Les-Marais, a charming Normandy town in the heart of the Cotentin. Forget everything, relax and be won over by this little slice of paradise that is well worth getting to know. 

With this gorgeous green setting as its backdrop, your Sandaya campsite is perfect for a restorative getaway with everything you need: a water park to swim in happiness, very comfortable accommodation to house your little clan, free children’s clubs for young campers hoping to make some new friends, and an array of sports activities for every level. All that in a relaxing, unspoilt environment just a stone’s throw from the sea! 

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Visit Carentan-Les-Marais with the family

Carentan-Les-Marais boasts rich cultural heritage that you’ll enjoy discovering with your little explorers. From the church of Notre-Dame with its ancient stained-glass windows, to the Dey and Maillé hotels that once welcomed Balzac and Napoleon I (no less!), and not forgetting the town hall, you will be amazed by the appeal of this small town typical of the Manche.   

The region is also brimming with museums devoted to the Second World War, which are a good idea for a family outing that combines education and enjoyment. And the D-Day Experience does just that: it comprises two museums, a giant 3D screen and a memorial on a 10,000 m2 site that will fully immerse you in this major event in recent history. 

Visit Carentan-Les-Marais as a couple

You simply can’t visit Normandy without stopping to see the D-Day landing beaches. Walking along the sand at Utah and Omaha Beach is a very moving experience and one that you are not likely to forget in a hurry. And to extend your immersion in modern history, a visit to one of the many museums dedicated to this pivotal moment in the Second World War is a must. 

Do you love hiking? Then this is the place for you! Carentan is a stage on the GR223 or “Customs Path”. Put on your walking shoes, grab your backpack and pull on your hat ready to set off on the Manche portion of this legendary trail, which offers one breathtaking view after another. Or would you prefer a romantic trip out on the water? A river cruise through the Marshes natural park will bring your lovely day out in Normandy to a wonderful close.

Camping Carentan-Les-Marais: our handy tips for a successful stay

Moored in the harbour, there is one boat that stands out from the traditional vessels: the Dreknor, a Viking drakkar! An attraction that will appeal to visitors of all ages.

You don’t need us to tell you that Normandy is a land of culinary delicacies! From cider and spirits (go easy!) to cheese and pastries, there’s so much to make your mouth water!

Would you like to discover the Cotentin coast from the sea? Nothing could be easier – hop on board for a boat trip! You’ll be wowed by the multiple shades of blue and green.

The Cotentin and Bessin Marshes Regional Natural Park is an outstanding natural site made up of meadows, traditional bocage and some unique fauna and flora. Well worth a visit!

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