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Camping Mali Losinj

You love nothing better than a holiday in the sunshine, surrounded by turquoise sea and white sand? Mali Losinj in Croatia will fulfil your every desire! Nestling between beach and pine grove, our campsite on the “island of vitality” beckons you to a holiday in paradise. You’ll come home happier than ever!

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Mali Losinj | The island of Losinj
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Mali Losinj, the ideal holiday destination!

There are few destinations that offer such amazing advantages as Mali Losinj, the main town on what they call the “island of vitality”. In the heart of Kvarner Bay in Croatia, Mali Losinj is not content to simply show off its idyllic scenery, it also offers a very special micro climate renowned for its health benefits. Incredible levels of sunshine, pure air, medicinal plants... To put it simply a holiday in Mali Losinj is seriously good for you!

In the heart of a pine grove ringed in blue, settle yourself comfortably into your new home-away-from-home: a fully-equipped mobile home with private terrace. The nearby beach is irresistible: with underwater diving, sailing lessons and excursions by boat, you’re certain to find exactly the activity you’re looking for!

Visit Mali Losinj with the family

Did you know? Mali Losinj is home to one of the Mediterranean’s rare dolphin populations! And since your campsite offers boat trips around the island, make sure you keep your eyes wide open, you might be lucky enough to cross their path!

Back on land, the views are no less gorgeous. With its 250km of clearly-marked footpaths, the island of Losinj is ideal for hiking. Just like little explorers, your youngsters are going to love heading off in search of magical creeks and secret beaches ideal for a picnic with the family. The first one into the water is the winner!

Visit Mali Losinj as a couple

They say Croatia has the clearest waters of the whole Adriatic Sea... and after a trip to Mali Losinj you’ll certainly believe it! Here, there is no better activity than simply admiring the view, unfailingly coloured in every shade of green and blue. Prepare to fall in love, all over again!

Head for Plieski Beach to the south-west of the island to find your own little corner of paradise. Easier to reach by sea, don’t hesitate to hire a boat from the campsite to get there! And why not make the most of it to stop off at the neighbouring islands: Susak, Cres, Ilovik… Each has so many treasures to share with you!

Camping Mali Losinj: our handy tips for a successful stay

Don’t miss a visit to the Museum of Apoxyomenos where the statue of the athlete, miraculously recovered from the sea, takes pride of place!

Sage, myrtle, strawberry tree, eucalyptus... Have fun seeing how many of the hundreds of different scents you can identify in the Losinj Aromatic Garden!

On foot or by bike, head deep into the Cikat Forest Park and admire the spectacular views along the shore!

Change of scene: discover the colourful houses and narrow streets of Veli Losinj to the south of the island!

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